Promoting my work

I've been investing my time in all these websites to promote my portfolio and show my work but I realized that I´m not actively showing what I do. And that's what I´m starting to change now. Blogging my works, creating mail lists, bulletins, etc. I launched my Patreon today and I´m very motivated, and I'm losing that shyness and I'm proud and happy to show what I do, so If you're reading this there are great things coming this way. 

Back to actual design related topics, this week I've been working on unifying and fixing my portfolio and websites, I opened an  Instagram account dedicated to showing off my personal work, and like I mentioned , my Patreon which made me take a very creative point of view when I was designing the benefits and tiers for the subscriptions. Using fast food restaurants as inspiration and the menu of them specifically I created illustrations for each tier, and a special thank you illustration for the people who subscribe.